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останні записи 
16-е-вересень-2012 03:04 pm - Jazz Koktebel after-party, 30.09 Харьков!
30 сентября в арт-клубе "Корова" - продолжение праздника свободной музыки от "Джаз Коктебель". After-party фестиваля - отличная возможность встретить старых и новых друзей, вместе вспомнить счастливые дни, проведенные на фестивале, поделиться впечатлениями с теми, кто не смог в этом году поехать на крымский опен-эйр.


Участники Nu Jazz Stage:
«Pur:Pur» – это глоток кислорода, который так необходим в сковывающей суете города.
Участники Open Stage:
«Jacuzzi Project» – проект новой музыкальной сцены Украины. Качественный микс электроники, хип-хопа и джаза.
Участники Волошинской сцены:
Лаура Марти (вокал)- автор проекта, яркая молодая певица, композитор, аранжировщик, победитель Всеукраинских и Международных конкурсов молодых композиторов.
Наталья Лебедева (клавишные) - известная украинская джазовая пианистка, композитор, педагог, участник международных джазовых фестивале
Стоимость билетов:
Предпродажа - 80 грн.
В день концерта - 100 грн.

Арт-Клуб "Корова"
Адрес: г.Харьков, ул.Петровского, 37
Сайт: http://art-korova.com
Заказ столиков: (057) 714-16-11
1-е-вересень-2012 12:13 pm - ca503 - Knyaz Mishkin - AZ/ZA

Artist: Knyaz Mishkin
Title: AZ/ZA
Date: 2012-09-01
Keywords: intuitive improvisation; free improvisation; jazz; other
(320 kbps) + bonus video

Lavon Narushevich - guitar
Viktar Siamashka - winds, voice, gramophone, percussion, text
Eryk Arlou-Shymkus - contrabass, Korg monotron, melodica, squeaker
Maxim iukin - voice, Korg monotron, whistle, percussion
Jauhien Chitrak - fluets
Raman Jarash - harmonica
Recording at the ZAIR AzguríS museum in Miensk, Bielarus, 03/05/2012.


Artist: Boris Gagloev & Noise Pictures
Title: Noise Pictures 2005-12-26 / Noise Pictures Extracts (2CD)
Date: 2012-07-17
Keywords: spontaneous improvisation; free jazz; experimental
(320 kbps)

Boris Gagloev was born in 1969 in the Russian town of Vologda, he graduated from Archangelsk Conservatory in the field of jazz guitar (1993) and also he was graduate of St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography in the field of composition and sound creation participating in experimental course of Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky (master´s degree in 2004). In the 90s, he came across international gathering Un de Lion for instance, in 1997 he moved to Prague, where he taught at Instrumental Theatre Music College and performed concerts with various bands in the genres of avant-garde improvisation, jazz and latino-american music (Kaljan Jazz, BG Ensemble, Noise Of Time, Atarés) and last but not least, he composed scenic music.
At the end of 2004, Gagloev set up project of Noise Pictures with intention to give a boost to loose association of musicians - rather than closed band - with interest in improvised and experimental music, so that various musicians from different genres having lust for diverse approach to music making could meet; while some of them took part in no more than one action, the others cooperated much longer...


Artist: Various
Title: Clinical Anthology Vol.2 (2009-2012) 4CD
Date: 2012-06-10
Keywords: indie; alternative; post rock; electronic; electro-pop; experimental pop; dream pop; synthpop; krautrock; rock; psychedelic; new wave; jazz-rock; metal; post-folk, balkan brass; russian klezmer, soviet pop; experimental; acoustic; world; jazz; big band; free jazz; avant-garde; free improv; nu jazz; contemporary jazz; electroacoustic; intuitive improvisation; latin; circuit bending; abstract; live electronics; minimalist; other

Eclectic and illogical compilation from different releases of a netlabel Clinical Archives of the period with 2009 for 2012. (Vol.2)

14-е-квітень-2012 12:00 pm - ca496 - the SIN trio - SIN SIN SIN

Artist: the SIN trio
Date: 2012-04-14
Keywords: jazz; improvisation
(320 kbps)

the SIN trio members met each other on the Stefano Ferrian's "Impro Connection Tour I". The recording was done at the Gothenburg Academy Of Music by Finn Loxbo during an 8 hours long session.
The first leg of the recording session was done by stefano ferrian, finn loxbo and vegard lauvdal giving birth to this recording. The second leg of the session was in 4tet with Froydis Dalho on noize/electronics.

25-е-березень-2012 12:46 pm - ca494 - Viktar Siamashka - h.M

Artist: Viktar Siamashka
Title: h.M
Date: 2012-03-25
Keywords: free improvisation; acoustic; avant-garde; other
(320 kbps)

Records were made in Minsk-city (Belarus) during the summer 2011 basically in the abandoned industrial buildings.
Music & performance - Viktar Siamashka.

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